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🎉 A Fresh Chapter Begins: Hello, New Season!


Your owners, Shawna and Bjorn Hermansen.

Shawna and Bjorn Hermansen are not just owners, but passionate advocates of the extraordinary sport of gymnastics. Their commitment stretches beyond a decade, during which they have devotedly served the community. Their love for gymnastics is a testament to their authenticity, resonating in every flip, twist, and leap they guide their students to master.11 years of serving the community through the incredible sport of gymnastics.

Welcome to the NEW gymnastics season!

We're excited for the new season and the updates we're making to our facility to provide you with an exceptional gymnastics experience.  We believe in creating the best possible enviornment to empower athletes to learn in a fun and safe way.  

Starting in June 2024 prices per program will be as follows.


$77/mo for 1 year

$87/mo for 7 months

$97/mo for month to month

Unlimited Preschool

$115/mo for 1 year

$135/mo for 7 months

$145/mo for month to month


$95/mo for 1 year

$105/mo for 7 months

$115/mo for month to month

Unlimited Beginner

$142/mo for 1 year

$152/mo for 7 months

$162/mo month to month


$107/mo for 1 year

$117/mo for 7 months

$127/mo for month to month

Unlimited Intermediate

$172/mo for 1 year

$182/mo for 7 months

$192/mo for month to month


How do I let the gym know which deal I choose?

Let us know by responding to this message, text, or in-person by May 15th so we can update your enrollment.

What happens when I change programs?

No difference here than before.  Let's say you're athlete is aged out of preschool and transferring to Beginner.  Your enrollment will be updated when you transfer from Preschool to Beginner with the commitment you chose. 1 year, 7 months, or month to month. 

What if I need to cancel my enrollment?

Let us know in-person while at the gym office or via email when you need to cancel your enrollment.  In turn your enrollment will be scheduled to cancel.  You will be billed for 40% of the remaining commitment on your account.

What is the sibling rate?

The sibling rate remains the same.

1st child enrolled - normall rate of commitment chosen

2nd child enrolled - $5 OFF registration and the monthly rate of the commitment chosen

3rd child enrolled - $10 OFF registration and the monthly rate of the commitment chosen

What is the military rate?

If you didn't know, Bjorn and Shawna both served our nation.  Sgt Bjorn Hermansen served in the US Marine Corps and Captain Shawna Hermansen served in the US Navy.  Both have complete numerous tours overseas, from combat tours to some of the most beautiful places a person can set eyes on, and many of our veteran memeber have also.  We honor our veterans.  TGC's Military rate is an additional 15% OFF all rates. 

Why TGC?

We strive for more than just athletics and gold medals beacuase there is so much more to winning.  Winning is knowing how to prepare, plan and put your best effort forward.  We are here to develop the whole human through what we believe is the best sport of them all.   

Did you know we had a referral progrram?

Your Referral Program is AWESOME!!! 

We want to change as many lives through gymnasticcs as possible and we are asking you to help us do it.  You could have a YEAR of FREE Gymnastics.  For every person referred by you that signs up we will give you a month of tuition on the house or we will credit you the value of the referred enrollment the following month.

Unlimited Summer is right around the corner!

Want even more for your Gymnast?  Enroll in Unlimited Gymnastics and attend as many Preschool, Beginner, and Intermediate Classes per week as you can.  That's a ton of classes that you have access to each week, and every month your gymnast(s) can take advantage of this to learn as much as they can.  You choose how many you can attend each week and each month.

During the summer months (June and July), you get to attend an unlimited number of classes no matter your enrollment type.  That's right, an unlimited number of classes each week at no additional cost.  You only need to sign up for the unlimited program from August to May.  

Here's an example.  You'e enrolled in the Beginner Gymnastics program on a 1 year commitment.  During June and July, your enrollment continues on your current commitment and your athlete can attend any number of classes each week at no additional cost.  When August comes around you can continue the Unlimited program, if your schedule permits, by letting us know that you wish to enroll in the Unlimited Gymnastics program.


Current Members are attending 3-6 classes per week and their atheltes are excelling exponentially.

Is your summer busy with travel plans?

No need to worry.  When you're in town your athlete can enjoy an unlimited number of classes when you're here and it will be as if they never lost the skills they earned. 

NOTE - This is available for new members and current members alike:-)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Tupelo Gymnastics Center as your home for Gymnastics, and Tumbling training! We are proud of our programs and are constantly looking to be a leader in this industry. Thank you for your trust and support.


Bjorn and Shawna Hermansen

Tupelo Gymnastics Center, LLC

237 N Eason Blvd

Tupelo, MS 38804

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