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Gymnastics is HARD... It takes Focus, Discipline and Dedication

Gymnastics is considered to be one of if not the worlds most challenging sport because it requires a combination of strength, flexibility, coordination, and control.

Additionally, a gymnast must perform complex maneuvers on equipment such as the vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor, which are challenging to master.

Mastery requires a high degree of focus, discipline, and dedication. Let's not forget fun.

Each movement must be executed with precision and control.

Maintaining focus and staying mentally sharp can help a gymnast execute their routines successfully.

Discipline is required in gymnastics because it is a highly demanding sport that requires consistent and dedicated training.

Gymnasts must continually engage in practice to master the various skills/techniques required to complete skills and to compete at a high level.

This requires a great deal of self-control and determination to stick to a rigorous training schedule, even when faced with obstacles or setbacks.

Each gymnast will encounter their own obstacles and or setbacks but it is imperative that as a parent you simply encourage and support the athlete throughout their development.

Every gymnast will learn and develop at different rates.

It is wise for competitive gymnasts to maintain a healthy diet to stay in peak shape mentally.

This, of course, also ensures peak physical performance and an athletes ability to perform the physical conditioning required to perform gymnastics successfully.

All of this requires a high level of discipline and commitment to the sport.

At TGC we understand this and make our training environment conducive for all to thrive.

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