Myths about Gymnastics... BUSTED

We found a great article to share with you :-) from  Recreational Gymnastics Professionals shares great content for the Gymnastics Community and we are here to help spread the word about the great benefits this sport offers our children in Mississippi and you don't need to hear that from us only...


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1.     My children aren't very coordinated; why should they join a Gymnastics Program:  This is even more of a reason to join this sport.  Gymnastics builds on the foundations of motor skills that all of our children need to become physically fit or at least get on the right track.

2.     My child will be too tall for the sport:  Yes, in most cases this is true as the majority of the Elite Level Gymnasts are on the shorter end of spectrum.  We did say most but not all...  Given the level of Gymnastics that most children are going to experience, height is not at a limiting factor at all.  If your child shows interest in the sport or is already enrolled in the sport and is enjoying him or herself that is all that is important!  

3.     What can my child get from attending a Class once a week:  Using APA Recommendations all children should be in at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day.  One more thing to keep in mind is that the basic fitness skills your child will learn make it highly likely that physical fitness become part of their life moving forward.  Perseverance is one of the toughest lessons to teach our children but this life lesson goes hand and hand with Gymnastics and sports in general.  If you wish to take on a second class, please do so as your child will only reap more benefits.

4.     Isn't Gymnastics just for Girls:  Your son should definitely participate in Gymnastics.  Here are 5 reasons your son should do Gymnastics.  It is the basis of all sports. There is no better cross training sport than gymnastics as it develops strength, agility and coordination.  The flexibility gained, learning how to fall and kinesthetic awareness helps prevent injury.  Finally, gymnastics helps kids take coaching feedback, a valuable skill for sports and life.

5.     If my child isn’t going to be on team, she shouldn’t waste her time doing gymnastics. Not so. Gymnastics is a wonderful activity in and of itself. In addition to the physical benefits of the sport, gymnastics offers all sorts of life lessons, character building opportunities and the chance to meet new friends. And, perhaps most importantly for the child participating, it’s fun!

6.     I don’t want gymnastics to stunt my child’s growth. It won’t! As mentioned, most high-level gymnasts are quite short.   However, it is likely because smaller, lighter people have an easier time doing high-level gymnastics and therefore succeed at a greater rate than their taller teammates. In other words, it isn’t gymnastics that makes them short, it’s them being short allows them to succeed at elite level gymnastics. Additionally, it isn’t until gymnasts are on an elite training track (30 plus hours a week) that delays in puberty or normal growth curves are of concern. A couple hours a week of gymnastics will have no effect on your child’s growth. It will, however, have a positive effect preventing obesity, strengthening bones and encouraging a lifetime of fitness.

7.     Gymnastics is too dangerous! Gymnastics coaches have much more training than most other sports coaches, having to pass safety tests, first aid tests and proficiency tests for teaching. They are considerably more knowledgeable than the average youth sports coach on topics such as injury prevention, conditioning and proper rehabilitation. Furthermore, many of the injuries in gymnastics are repetitive stress injuries due to over training. A gymnast taking a class once or twice a week is highly unlikely to develop such an injury.  Finally, most gymnastics related injuries don’t take place under at a gymnastics club, rather they happened at home!  Gymnastics when practiced at a well-equipped club with safety certified, professional coaches who follow a safe, logical and developmentally appropriate lesson plan is quite safe.

8.     Gymnastics interferes with schoolwork causing poor academic performance. To the contrary. There are multiple studies that suggest that children who are physically fit perform better in the classroom and that gymnastics specifically may boost reading scores.

9.     My child is too old to start gymnastics.  Please don’t say that!  It’s incredibly sad that as a society we tell kids as young as eight or nine that they are “too old” to start a sport.  Even if you have a pre-teen or teenager who is interested in beginning gymnastics, it’s not “too late.”  Yes, it may require finding a club with classes geared to older beginners, but they are out there.  Let’s not quash a child’s interest in trying something new that is has so many benefits and is so much fun!





    Bjorn Hermansen

    Currently owned by Shawna Hermansen, Tupelo Gymnastics Center is a privately owned limited liability corporation.  Shawna began coaching gymnastics at the age of 12 while she was still a competitive gymnast.  After earning a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Management Information Systems, Shawna served as a United States Naval Supply Officer for nearly six years.  Upon completion of her service, she served several roles as a United States Marine Corps Civilian Contractor in Afghanistan to include the Operations Manager for a multi-million dollar retrograde operation.  In 2014, Shawna purchased Tupelo Gymnastics Center from her former gymnastics coach.  Within two short years of ownership, membership has increase substantially.  Tupelo Gymnastics Center must acquire a bigger facility in order to continue to provide great services to all that need them.